Prices for People

At Fiesta Orthodontics, our goal is to offer San Antonio-area smiles amazing service for a reasonable price.


Our Treatment Coordinator is here to help!  We’ll work with your insurance plan to make sure you receive the maximum benefits available under your policy.

If you have any questions regarding your insurance, please do not hesitate to call!

Use Any Major Credit Card

For your convenience, we can set up your payments to automatically charge them to your credit card monthly.


Fiesta Orthodontics offers real service for real people. And that means we price our treatments responsibly and work closely with each patient to develop a payment plan that fits your unique financial situation.

We offer the following flexible options:

  • OPTION A: Payment in full with a bookkeeping discount.
  • OPTION B: An initial down payment (to fit your individual needs) with monthly payments extended over a period of time.
  • OPTION C: A third-party payment like CareCredit, Chase Health.