San Antonio Invisalign®

Clear Treatment, Clearer Results

At Fiesta Orthodontics, Dr. Ayla and Dr. Arslan transform smiles across San Antonio with the innovative power of Invisalign.

Wear these clear aligners and confidently step outside knowing that your smile is getting straighter without anyone noticing your treatment.

Invisalign: Your Clear Path to Radiant Smiles

Invisalign helps straighten your teeth without metal braces. This versatile treatment uses clear, custom-made aligners that you can take out when you eat or brush your teeth.

Made from a smooth, translucent plastic, Invisalign lets you straighten your teeth without others noticing. These clear aligners are also a great choice if you want to avoid the look and feel of metal braces.

So whether you’re at work, in school, or hanging out with friends, Invisalign works quietly, letting you do you without worry.

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Your Journey to a Straighter Smile

Your Invisalign journey at Fiesta Orthodontics in San Antonio promises a seamless experience completely customized to your unique needs and goals.

Dr. Ayla, Dr. Arslan, and our team will make sure your journey to a straight, healthy smile is comfortable and convenient every step of the way.

Here’s how your journey will look:

San Antonio Invisalign

Smile Consultation in San Antonio

Begin with a free consultation at our office. Dr. Ayla, Dr. Arslan, and our team will examine your teeth, listen to your goals, answer questions, and explore different treatment paths to ensure your unique smile gets the treatment it deserves.

Crafting Your Personalized Plan

We use advanced digital imaging to capture detailed images of your teeth. These super-accurate images help us make aligners that fit you perfectly—and they give you a sneak peek of your future smile.

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Embrace the Invisalign Experience

The transformation begins once your aligners are ready. These nearly invisible clear aligners gently shift your teeth into desired positions.

They're also easily removable for meals and special occasions. And with fewer required check-ins compared to traditional braces, you can spend more time enjoying your evolving smile.

Consistent wear is key to achieving the best results, and their comfort and discretion make it easy.

Unveiling the Magic Behind Invisalign

Invisalign has been a game-changer for countless smiles in San Antonio. But how exactly does this innovative system gently move your teeth into their correct alignment so you can get the straighter, healthier smile you deserve?

Let’s take a look:

A Tailored Approach for Every Smile

Your Invisalign journey begins with a series of smooth, virtually invisible aligners. These plastic aligners are made to perfectly and comfortably fit your teeth at each stage of your treatment as they gently shift your smile into place.

Guided By Precision & Expertise

The planning behind Invisalign is where the magic happens. We leverage digital technology to map out the entire treatment, making sure each set of aligners moves you a step closer to your dream smile.

Consistent Progress, Minimal Interruptions

Invisalign doesn’t require frequent adjustments. You'll transition to a new set of aligners every one to two weeks to ensure a smooth progression toward your end goal.

Freedom & Flexibility

Unlike traditional braces, you can remove your Invisalign aligners whenever you need to. So enjoy your favorite foods and keep up your oral hygiene routine without having to navigate around your braces.

Just remember to wear your aligners for the recommended 20 – 22 hours a day to stay on track.

Empower Your Teen Years With Invisalign

Metal braces during high school might not appeal to you. What if you could discreetly straighten your teeth without anyone knowing?

Invisalign stands out as a clear choice for many teens at Fiesta Orthodontics.

Tailored for the Teen Lifestyle

Whether you're preparing for prom, leading a school play, or capturing the perfect selfie, Invisalign aligners ensure your smile journey doesn’t overshadow your most important teen moments.

Eat, Play, Shine!

Enjoy popcorn during movie nights and play fearlessly on your school's soccer team with Invisalign.

You can take out the aligners to eat what you like and keep your teeth-cleaning routine the same. Brush, floss, and let your smile shine!

Tailored for the Teen Lifestyle

Whether you're preparing for prom, leading a school play, or capturing the perfect selfie, Invisalign aligners ensure your smile journey doesn’t overshadow your most important teen moments.

Discreet Yet Effective

Even though these clear aligners are hard to see, they’re always working to perfect your smile.

And with the guidance of the skilled team at Fiesta Orthodontics, your friends might not notice your aligners, but you'll definitely be amazed by your progress.

Your Journey, Your Rules

Fiesta Orthodontics believes in empowering our teen patients—and Invisalign puts you in the driver’s seat. So wear your aligners, witness your smile transform, and confidently embrace every moment of your teen years.

Ready to start? We'll guide you every step of the way.

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Effortless Care for Your Invisalign

Investing in Invisalign with Fiesta Orthodontics means not only a straighter smile but also hassle-free treatment. Dr. Ayla and Dr. Arslan guide you at every step, making sure your aligners stay clean and work well.

Here's how you can keep them in top shape:

Clean Your Aligners Regularly

Rinse your aligners every morning and night. Gently brush them with a soft-bristled toothbrush and mild soap. Avoid toothpaste as it can scratch the aligners.

Stear Clear of Hot Beverages

Remove your aligners when sipping hot beverages like morning coffee or evening tea to prevent warping the plastic.

Embrace the Case

Store your aligners in their case when not wearing them to avoid misplacing or accidentally discarding them.

Avoid Colored or Sugary Drinks

Prevent staining by always removing your aligners when eating or drinking anything other than water.

Check In With Fiesta Orthodontics

Although Invisalign requires fewer visits than traditional braces, periodic check-ins with Dr. Ayla or Dr. Arslan are essential to ensure everything is on track and address any concerns.

Embrace Good Oral Hygiene

Care for your teeth as you do for your aligners. Regular brushing and flossing ensure your teeth remain clean beneath the aligners.

With these simple steps, you're on your way to a radiant smile. The team at Fiesta Orthodontics in San Antonio is always here to support you on your Invisalign journey.

Your Smile's Next Chapter Awaits

Invisalign at Fiesta Orthodontics is more than just a treatment—it's a transformation tailored to your lifestyle. Dr. Ayla, Dr. Arslan, and our dedicated San Antonio team are excited to be part of your journey to a brighter, more confident smile.

Ready to embrace the clear path to straighter teeth? Schedule your free consultation with us today.