Smile Brighter With Fiesta Ortho

Your journey to a captivating smile starts here at Fiesta Orthodontics. With Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla leading the way, you're not just getting expert care—you're joining a family that cherishes every grin in San Antonio.

Mastery Behind Every Smile

Think of orthodontists as the elite in the dental world. For every 100 dentists, only a handful take the leap to specialize further. Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla are among this select group.

Their journey? Four years in college, another four in dental school, and an additional three mastering the art and science of orthodontics.

Every time you sit in our chair, remember you're in the hands of specialists who've dedicated over a decade to perfecting smiles. Whether it's traditional braces or the latest in Invisalign, they've got the expertise to guide your teeth to their best positions.

So when you're looking for top-tier orthodontic care in San Antonio, remember that it's not just about straightening teeth—it's about choosing the right expertise.

More Than Treatment, It's a Relationship

At Fiesta Orthodontics, we believe in creating more than just beautiful smiles—we build lasting relationships.

From the moment you step into our San Antonio office, you're not just another patient—you're part of our orthodontic family. Dr. Arslan, Dr. Ayla, and our dedicated team genuinely care about your journey to a radiant smile.

We pride ourselves on transparency. Every treatment plan is crafted with your unique needs in mind, and we make sure you understand each step. Got a question? Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla are always a call away, ready to guide and reassure.

Whether you're considering traditional braces, Invisalign, or any other treatment, we're with you at every twist and turn, ensuring your experience is as smooth as your future smile. Remember that it's not just about the end result—it's about feeling valued and understood throughout the journey.

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Comfort Meets

Remember those tales of painful braces and clunky headgear? At Fiesta Orthodontics, those are stories of the past. We're all about blending comfort with the latest in orthodontic advancements. Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla have invested in state-of-the-art technology to ensure your journey to a perfect smile is as painless as possible.

We utilize shape-memory NiTi wires, a marvel that's light years ahead of the traditional stainless steel wires. These archwires, inspired by NASA's technology, apply a gentle, consistent force on your teeth, guiding them to their ideal positions.

No more dreaded "tightening" appointments. Instead, you'll find each visit to our San Antonio office a step closer to your dream smile, with minimal discomfort.

And guess what? This advanced approach not only ensures a more comfortable experience but often results in faster treatment times. So while you're enjoying a hassle-free treatment, you're also on the fast track to flaunting that Fiesta Ortho smile!

Flexible Financing for Flawless Smiles

At Fiesta Orthodontics, we understand that achieving your perfect smile is a significant decision, both personally and financially. That's why we've tailored our financial options to ensure that everyone can access top-notch orthodontic care without breaking the bank.

Our dedicated Treatment Coordinator is always on hand to guide you through the ins and outs of your insurance plan to ensure you maximize your benefits. We're not just about straightening teeth—we're about straightening out any financial queries you might have, too.

We pride ourselves on our flexible payment plans. Whether you want to settle upfront and enjoy a paid-in-full discount—or spread out your payments over time—we've got a plan that'll fit your budget. And if third-party financing is more your style, we've got options there, too.

Plus, for those who prefer a hands-off approach to payments, we offer the convenience of automatic monthly credit card charges. At Fiesta Orthodontics, we're committed to ensuring your journey to a dazzling smile is as seamless as the treatment itself.

Bilingual Care for All
Our Patients

At Fiesta Orthodontics, we take pride in our multicultural community and are thrilled to offer comprehensive orthodontic care in both English and Spanish. Dr. Ayla and Dr. Arslan, along with our dedicated team, make sure that language is not a barrier to getting your dream smile.

Your beautiful smile journey can start today, and we're here to guide you every step of the way in the language that you're most comfortable with.

Cutting-Edge Care for
Every Smile

At Fiesta Orthodontics, we're not just about braces and aligners. We're about embracing the future of orthodontic care, ensuring you benefit from the latest advancements in the field. When you step into our clinic, you're stepping into a world where traditional methods meet modern technology.

Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla are always on the lookout for innovative techniques and tools that can enhance your treatment experience. From digital scans that say goodbye to those old, goopy impressions to advanced treatment planning software, we're all about precision and efficiency.

And it's not just about the tech. Our team is continuously updating their knowledge, attending workshops, and training sessions. Why? Because you deserve nothing less than the best. Whether you're opting for clear aligners or traditional braces, you can rest assured knowing you're getting treatment that's backed by the latest research and technology.

So, when you choose Fiesta Orthodontics, you're not just choosing a clinic. You're choosing a forward-thinking team that's committed to giving you a smile that's not just beautiful but achieved through the best means possible.

Our Accessible San Antonio Location

Fiesta Orthodontics is right in the heart of San Antonio, making it easy to visit us whether you're going to school, work, or shopping. We picked our location carefully so you can fit your orthodontic visits into your busy days without a hassle.

We don’t just offer great orthodontic care—we make sure it’s easy for you to get it. Our office is a friendly place where every visit feels like a nice break in your day, not another task to check off your list. Positioned in the heart of San Antonio, we’re here to help make your journey to a bright smile as simple as can be.

Se Habla Espanol

Bienvenido al sitio web de Fiesta Orthodontics, un respetado proveedor de tratamiento de ortodoncia cosmética ubicado en San Antonio, TX. Nuestra principal prioridad en la práctica es brindar atención de ortodoncia de la más alta calidad en un ambiente acogedor y cómodo.

Nuestros ortodoncistas expertos, el Dr. Ayla y el Dr. Arslan, son expertos en las últimas técnicas, aparatos ortopédicos rápidos de corta duración (menos ataduras) e imágenes digitales. Utilizan tecnología de ortodoncia de última generación para que disfrutes de unos resultados óptimos y el máximo confort en el menor tiempo posible.

Al considerar un tratamiento de ortodoncia cosmética en San Antonio, es posible que tenga algunas preguntas sobre los frenos, Invisalign® o nuestras oficinas y nuestras políticas. No dude en navegar por nuestro sitio web o ponerse en contacto con nosotros en cualquier momento para obtener respuestas a sus preguntas.

Además, ¡pregúntenos sobre los beneficios de Invisalign Invisalign y los adolescentes, ya que están certificados por Invisalign® como un “Proveedor superior de Invisalign”!

¡Mira cómo puedes conseguir una sonrisa visible directamente con el tratamiento invisible! Además de Invisalign, ofrecemos múltiples opciones de tratamiento de ortodoncia para satisfacer su sonrisa única. Estas opciones incluyen aparatos ortopédicos para niños y adultos, aparatos ortopédicos metálicos tradicionales, aparatos ortopédicos transparentes, aparatos ortopédicos sin ataduras, aparatos ortopédicos dorados y mucho más.

¡Para comenzar a construir su hermosa sonrisa, comuníquese con nuestra oficina de ortodoncia hoy! Llámenos al (210) 693-0444 o programe una consulta inicial gratuita con nuestro especialista en ortodoncia con sede en San Antonio. Servimos al condado de Bexar, incluidos los Helotes, y al noroeste de San Antonio.

¡Esperamos con interés escuchar de usted!

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Start Your Journey Today!

We get it. Once you've made the decision to transform your smile, you're eager to get started. At Fiesta Orthodontics in San Antonio, we share your enthusiasm! That's why we're thrilled to offer same-day treatment starts.

Imagine walking into our office curious about the possibilities and walking out with a clear path toward your dream smile already in motion. No waiting, no unnecessary delays. Just you, taking the first step on an exciting journey.

Dr. Arslan and Dr. Ayla believe in the power of now. They've seen the joy and confidence that a new smile brings, and they're eager to set you on that path as soon as you're ready.

With their expertise and the advanced technology at Fiesta Orthodontics, starting your treatment immediately is not just possible—it's a seamless, efficient process.

So if you're ready to embrace the future with a brighter, straighter smile, know that Fiesta Orthodontics is right there with you, ready to get started the moment you say “yes.”